LAST CHANCE TO CREATE MINI-LEAGUES AND ADD PLAYERS. You may create new leagues and add players until Thursday 31st August 2017. Your league must have at least 5 members by this date to be valid (leagues with fewer players will be removed). Create your league here.

Team Stats

Best Buys (cost per point)

1 England Ipswich Town £3.13m
2 England Ebbsfleet United £3.75m
3 England Maidenhead United £4.00m
= England Wolverhampton Wanderers £4.00m
5 England Nottingham Forest £4.17m
6 England Woking £4.55m
7 England Bristol City £5.00m
= England Cardiff City £5.00m
= Scotland Hibernian £5.00m
10 England Boreham Wood £5.56m

Worst Buys (cost per point)

1 France Amiens N/A
= Italy Atalanta N/A
= Spain Athletic Bilbao N/A
= Spain Atlético Madrid N/A
= Germany Augsburg N/A
= Spain Barcelona N/A
= Italy Benevento Calcio N/A
= Italy Bologna N/A
= England Bournemouth N/A
= England Brighton & Hove Albion N/A