Latest Scores

Shy Talks
Laurence Ward
107 82 Scouting for GOALS
Mike Roberts
Snakob Utd
Matthew Beatty
84 88 Squashed Face of Fellaini
Diane Palmquist
Footy McFootface
Kye Clark
75 87 One hope of this team of no hope hopers LOL
Chris Harris
Harry 's Hooligans
Sylvia Falconbridge
115 83 Harry and Lily select X
Jamie Feaver
Tutsta's Gooner Getcha
Lisa Tutty
92 89 Blundering Bees
Robert Snook
Bargain Basement
George Hollands
101 109 Lucuis
Darren Mills
Cheese Triangles
Laurence Ward
108 100 Blue Is THE Colour
Samantha Holler
Hakuna Juan Mata
Matthew Bull
92 94 Headlock's Heroes
Dave Gardie
Game of Throw-Ins
Emma Friend
94 110 Rusholme Ruffians
Stuart Goodson
Celtic 2018
Sean Barham
94 104 Sticky Bandits FC
John Kelly
Zest Business Process Management
Jamie Feaver
86 68 Three hopes for this team of no hope hopers LOL
Chris Harris
Football Team FC
Kieran Epps
86 99 Chamakh My Pitch Up
Brian Corby
Drakes Ducklings
Brian Falconbridge
Dariusz Klimek
Sue Ogden
92 84 Xhakalaka Boom
Keith Hannant
Thrown to the Wolves
Tim Falconbridge
108 127 Prestwich St Germain
Rick Awdas
Erk's Terminators
Paul Urquhart
93 96 First Week Kickstart XI
Lisa Tutty
Snitch forever
Sylvia Falconbridge
96 102 Tutsta's Top Trumps
Lisa Tutty
Sam Weller
106 87 A'int Got A Kalou
George Hollands
Hungry Like The Wolf
Sam Brind
86 83 Vetle Bergmann #3
Vetle Bergmann
Snake n Bake Hotspur
Matthew Beatty
90 123 and the third one
John Sheather
Retros Retired
Phillip Henley
78 114 Horse Meat Disco
Mark Harbottle
Gracie Lee
Paul Stanton
73 117 Rabbalex Rovers
Robert Alexander
Webjorn Bergmann
90 110 Liverpool 2018
Sean Barham
Match of the Day 3
Dave Matcham
102 85 Sams Red Army
Bob Lewis
Joey's Giants
Joe Eaton
82 96 Who ate all Depays?
George Hollands
Kevin Cresswell
80 81 Deano
Dean Cook
Nicholas Pryce
99 88 VRH
Kevin Harrison
Northcroft nutters
Pete Sayers
109 90 Super 10 Mario Brothers
Jamie Feaver
John Taylor
106 102 #2G1S3
Nicholas Pryce
all the gaffer's men
John Sheather
111 108 The Zarate Kid
Matt Gleeson
Rab City
Robert Alexander
108 109 Sweet & Tender Hooligans
Stuart Goodson
Dirty Bandits FC
John Kelly
103 116 Hoops United
Tim Goss

This season's DWAD Cup is sponsored by Patio Master South East.

Patio Master South East


All rounds of the DWAD Cup are drawn randomly. The winner of a tie is determined by which entry scores the most points in the calendar month. If scores are equal, the winner is the entry with the most points scored by its seven English teams only. If these scores are also level, the entry that was originally registered with first proceeds to the next round.